Hiking trails lead to sights and viewpoints

wandern 02In addition to routes that are suitable for day trips, the hiking organizations have also created and marked long-distance hiking trails that are divided into several daily stages. A special category of these routes are pilgrimage routes.
The motivation to hike is subject to considerable fluctuations, both among different age groups and generations, as well as in terms of the type of hiking and the trend over time. While it was still a natural professional necessity with the journeyman trade, combined with experience, adventure and personal maturation, the generation of the youth movement and the wandering bird celebrated hiking in songs and undertakings as emancipation from the encrusted adult world, as an escape from the desolate cities’ romantic discovery of nature and as an indispensable part of their special youth culture.
A study commissioned by the fitness magazine Fit for Fun from the Cologne Institute for Prevention and Aftercare (IPN) came to the conclusion that the energy expenditure when hiking is comparable to that when jogging. For example, the test subjects consumed as much food energy during a 2-hour hike in the lowlands as when jogging for 75 minutes. The gentle way is also said to be advantageous because the automatic pace adjustment rarely causes physical overstrain.

What about trekking | backpacking in Turkey?

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What about trekking | backpacking in Turkey?

On the way back from Konya we stopped at a wonderful place in the mountains near Akseki, about 50 kilometres from Manavgat. There was a small green area with a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains. We were having a drink and a nice piece of cake when suddenly some backpackers appeared.

Mountain Hiking - Children of the mountains

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Mountain Climbing

The eastern part of Turkey offers a huge variety to mountain hikers and climbers, from the tropical landscape of the Ponti Mountains along the Black Sea coast to the year-long snow-covered peak of Mount Ararat and the area of Hakkari in the far south-east. In the tradition of the Armenian people Mount Ararat is the centre of the universe and the Armenian people are the children of the mountain.

Hiking in an apostle’s footsteps: the St. Paul Trail

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Trekking on the St. Paul Trail

Perge, today one of the best preserved, most visited ancient sites on Turkey’s sun-soaked Mediterranean shore, in the A.D. first century was a living, booming Roman city, its colonnaded streets thronging with prosperous citizens, its massive theater crammed with spectators for shows and gladiatorial displays, its opulent bathhouses humming with the tittle-tattle of wealthy merchants.

Lycian Way - Antalya to Fethiye

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Lycian Way - Antalya to Fethiye

Couple of times we have got messages from our readers asking for some more details about backpacking tours in Turkey, especially for the most well known one, the Lycian Way. After some more research we would like to publish couple of details about this beautiful backpacking tour.


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