After picking the strawberries - Biscuit roll with strawberry

After picking the strawberries - Biscuit roll with strawberry filling

The annual meeting with Lydia and Georg, a time in June, which we have been using for years for collecting strawberries, has almost become a tradition.

In addition to our common interest in music, we are also looking for the local strawberry fields, picking strawberries and choosing them to process marmalade as an annual stock of jam. Of course, during "picking" nourishing of strawberries is easy to understand after a long abstinence of fresh strawberries. The surprising result of this year: 24 kilograms of fresh strawberries, which have to be quickly processed too.

So we spent the afternoon relaxed, but still very active with cleaning, pureing and boiling the strawberries, washing and filling the glasses and, of course, the well-cooled strawberry milk could not be missed. Lydia sorted out some strawberries, which were meant for a "special task": a delicious strawberry biscuit roll, which we should get with the coffee the next day.

The following procedure in the preparation of the dough is described here as a small introduction to try it as well:
For the biscuit roll, Lydia first separated the eggs into egg yolk and egg white, then stiffly beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt in a large bowl. Just before the egg white is almost firm, let about ¾ of the sugar trickle into the whipped egg whites. Then beat the egg yolk with the remaining sugar creamy. Mix the flour, the starch and the baking powder together with the egg yolk into the bowl with the whipped egg whites and mix them gently.

Place the dough mixture now on a baking sheet covered with baking paper, then smooth and bake in a pre-heated oven at 180 ° - 200 ° C top / bottom heat for 10 minutes. Then place a kitchen towel on top of biscuit, turn it upside down together with the baking paper on top of it (leave the paper), then roll with the cloth and allow to cool.

Now clean the already mentioned strawberries and cut into fine pieces.

When the dough is sufficiently chilled, the baking paper can be carefully peeled off. Lydia now takes a glass of our yesterday-produced strawberry jam, which is carefully smeared on the biscuits. Also the finely sliced strawberries are now distributed on the dough. Subsequently, the cake is cautiously rolled again with slight pressure using the kitchen cloth. Now the biscuit roll is also coated with jam from the outside and decorated with strawberries or simply sprinkled with powdered sugar.
If you want it to be even more creamy, you can add cream as a second layer on top of strawberry marmalade inside. Cream can as well be used for covering from outside.

  • The ingredients:
    5 eggs
    100 grams of sugar
    75 grams of flour
    30 grams of starch mince
    1 pack of baking soda
    1 pinch of salt
    350 grams of strawberries
    200 grams of strawberry jam
    400 grams of cream
    50 grams of powdered sugar
    1 pack of powdered sugar

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