Smoked salmon on potato pancakes - dressed with salad

Smoked salmon on potato pancakes - dressed with a colorful salad

Salmon is not just tasty but also healthy and has a high nutritional value. In addition to vitamins, minerals and easily digestible protein, it mainly contains plenty of healthy fat sorts, so-called omega-3 fatty acids.

They are among the polyunsaturated fatty acids that are said to protect against cardiovascular disease. Salmon was once the epitome of a sophisticated lifestyle, today it is almost affordable for everyone.



Smoked Salmon - a healthy food, too?

Smoked salmon has always be considered to be a special delicacy, which can now be found in almost every supermarket shelf. But is it the approach of healthy food, despite the smoke absorption with the contained pollutants?

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_leben_kulinarisches_kartoffelpuffer-raeucherlachs-3.jpgDepending on the way the fish is smoked, it sometimes loses even less of its healthy ingredients than grilled or cooked or even pan-fried fish. In particular, when cold smoking or hot smoking planned with short cooking times remain before all more omega 3 fatty acids in fish, as well as vitamins, proteins and minerals can be leaving. Above all, the fish loses a lot of water and at the end of the process has a higher fat content than the grilled or fried variant. However, these fats are largely considered to be monounsaturated and above all polyunsaturated fatty acids in the form of omega 3 and omega 6, which in turn are very healthy. As far as nutrients are concerned, smoking is often much gentler than other types of preparation. The fish, however, has significantly more salinity in most cases, which in turn counteracts the healthy effect. But if you do not overdo the consumption, then the daily salt dose with one or two slices of smoked salmon is still absolutely fine.

The smoking processes determine the level of ingredients

Although the basic principles of fish smoking are always the same, individual species and sizes of fish are always smoked in different ways in terms of duration, type of wood and temperature used. There is a distinction between hot smoking and cold smoking.

  • Hot smoking takes place at temperatures well above 30 degrees to 60-80 degrees, more rarely above. The hot smoked fish has usually got less salt in its preparation than the cold smoked fish.
  • Cold smoking is again carried out at temperatures below 30 degrees, usually 25 degrees and lower. Due to the cooler temperatures you take considerably more salt, so that the fish remains well preserved even after smoking. The meat of cold-smoked fish usually remains firmer in consistency.

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_leben_kulinarisches_kartoffelpuffer-raeucherlachs-2.jpgThe fat content of farmed salmon is generally higher than that of wild salmon. The only exception: the king salmon. It also lives up to his name with the amount of fat. However, the value stated on the packaging may fluctuate seasonally.

Eating a little smoked salmon and eating a smoked mackerel here and there makes no difference to a healthy person. In return, the fish provides a lot of healthy nutrients and high-quality fats, which have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. Those who want to be on the safe side, but of course also have a different taste experience, buy pickled salmon, which is up to its sugar content really usually much healthier than its smoked relatives. Besides that, it still has the most nutrients, as it was not heated at all.

Potato pancakes - even grated - as a basis

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_leben_kulinarisches_kartoffelpuffer-raeucherlachs-4.jpgWe found the smoked salmon to be too yummy, too busy looking at the ingredients in the smoking process, rather than preparing the potato pancakes, which should be made from fresh grated potatoes. When quickly peeled the potatoes, then grated while always having to be pointed out, as possible to protect the fingers. Too fast a little misfortune happens. The onion lover likes to add some fine minced onion and a pinch of salt to the mashed potatoes.

A large pan with hot oil is already prepared and quickly the first potato pancakes are baked. If you like something more exotic, you should try roasting in coconut oil, it gives the potato cake a very special touch.

A little bit of the colorful salad on the plate, the fritters placed over it, then the smoked salmon on top. Quick and easy to prepare, a delicious dish. If you like, take some creamy horseradish as the icing on the cake and to round off the flavor.

Enjoy your meal

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