Irish Coffee - when it's cold and greyish outside

Irish Coffee - when it's cold and greyish outside

Sometimes the weather is significantly involved in the daily routine, especially when it is autumnal gray and cold and wet, you look forward to a cozy evening at home - especially if the sense is still fixed on enjoyment.

And no matter if you like to drink a glass or almost completely abstain from alcohol, the Irish Coffee can lead to an exception to otherwise observed rules. But the thought of the hot coffee with Irish whiskey, which you enjoy drinking through the cool cream - hmmm, simply a pleasure that motivates in the "production" to rest and serenity.

It should of course be understood that the true enjoyment of course includes the preparation process itself, especially since the anticipation of the enjoyment then inevitably increases. How mentally painful is still in our memory, as many years ago, a well-known coffee maker tried to hide the pleasure of the preparation in that a coffee-whiskey concentrate was offered in bottle form, which should be poured with hot water only. Just the idea – sounds terrible.

Even the preparation - it takes time to enjoy

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_leben_kulinarisches_irish-coffee-1.jpgThe true lover of Irish Coffee sees the culinary highlights in the preparation - and without any doubt, because in the classical preparation, the heat-resistant Irish Coffee glass is slightly wetted with a little whiskey inside. Then 2 tablespoons or bar spoons of sugar, preferably brown cane sugar, are scattered in the Irish coffee glass. Now the special, heat-resistant glass is heated over an open flame until the brown sugar caramelizes. Just the smell of sugar is another enjoyment point already. Now you take the glass briefly from the fire and put about 3-4 cl of Irish whiskey into it, which is then also heated, the alcohol begins to evaporate. There are specially made holder in the trade, in which the glass can be hung and rotated while doing so. The next highlight is then the ignition of the evaporating whiskey, which is then infused with hot coffee and thus the flame is extinguished. Finally, half whipped cream is added to the whiskey-coffee mixture. The cream is allowed to flow via a spoon onto the coffee so that it does not mix with the coffee. Sometimes it is still decorated with some grated chocolate. Irish Coffee is served classically without a spoon and not stirred, you sip the hot whiskey coffee through the cool cream.



Origin of Irish Coffee - Restaurant Chef Joe Sheridan

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_leben_kulinarisches_irish-coffee-2.jpgIn Ireland called Caife Gaelach respectively Gaelic Coffee, Irish Coffee is basically a lightly sweetened coffee on Irish whiskey and on top of it a cap of lightly whipped but still liquid cream. So far so good - maybe it's not a real highlight yet. So what else is appearing?

It is now considered as proven that this delicious hot beverage was invented in the early 1940s in a restaurant at Foynes Airport - a forerunner of today's Shannon International Airport - in the west of Ireland. Restaurant boss Joe Sheridan is said to have offered it then for passengers who were waiting for the onward flight of their machine overseas, when the airport was approached for refueling. However, Irish Coffee did not become internationally known until after the coffee shop Buena Vista in San Francisco copied this coffee specialty in 1952, after the journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner Stanton Delaplane reported it to owner Jack Koeppler. Koeppler himself flew to Ireland to get the right mix of ingredients. For a long time, the Buena Vista was mistakenly called the origin of Irish Coffee.

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