Potato fritters and wine tasting - open air in Ferroplois

Potato fritters and wine tasting - open air in Ferroplois

Again and again spontaneously, there was another cooking experience, because despite the immense size of the Ferropolis leisure complex, some encounters can hardly be avoided - what luck for us if, as in this case, we can take care of the physical well-being again.

So was our first request for today's dish, there should be potato pancakes with parsley and applesauce, and of course ... what work we could do with it. First of all, there was a glass of wine to try.

Freshly grated potatoes form the basis of our potato pancakes

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_leben_kulinarisches-2_reibekuchen-ferropolis-1.jpgYoung potatoes are already a very important one because their main component is particularly tasty, even if they are freshly harvested from the garden. So they are quite firm and can be rubbed very well after washing and peeling. Thorough work is called for here, especially if the origin of the potatoes is not entirely clear. Our peeled potatoes are then chopped up on a grater. Here, too, the personal feeling is decisive, because of course different rubbing surfaces can be available, which then determine the degree of fineness.
After grating, the shallots should be cut into slices, if that's too coarse for you, you can also dice them. Ditto with the garlic. The shallots and garlic are then placed in a bowl, the amount of parsley chopped up to taste and the desired coarseness and added to the shallots and the garlic. Now open the eggs and stir the ingredients into a pulpy amount. Now you can season with a little salt and pepper and then add the grated potatoes. If the mixture is still a little too runny, flour can be added.

Sear them in the pan or on the grill plate

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_leben_kulinarisches-2_reibekuchen-ferropolis-2.jpgAfter the mixture has been tasted, a pan with oil or fat can be heated to fry the potato pancakes until golden brown. In our case, also because we wanted to "test" camping equipment, we did without the pan and added the two-burner stove.

We were proudly presented with two roasting or grill plates that we wanted to try out for the potato pancakes. So just go ahead: after cleaning, put some oil on the surface, heat it on the gas stove and use the spoon to give up the first potato pancakes, shape a little and fry.

Then turn the potato pancakes and fry on the other side. They already looked very tasty on the roasting surfaces, so people tried hard during the roasting process.

Don't worry, because in the meantime the table was set, the wine served and the cozy part of the evening began.

Avocado, feta cheese or traditional applesauce

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_leben_kulinarisches-2_reibekuchen-ferropolis-3.jpgDepending on the personal taste of the guests, there were not just different wines to try, but also different side dishes for the potato pancakes, with traditional applesauce not missing, of course. Alternatively, diced feta goat cheese and avocados were available. In other words, there was something for (almost) every taste.
In addition, each reader should please imagine the ambience of the huge excavators, which were also festive and illuminated in different colors.
A wonderful evening outdoors.

Ingredients in a large circle (10 people)
b_450_450_16777215_00_images_leben_kulinarisches-2_reibekuchen-ferropolis-4.jpg1500 grams of potatoes
100 grams of shallots
30 grams of garlic
100 grams of butter
50 grams of flour
5 eggs
200 ml of cooking oil
Parsley to taste
Salt and ground pepper to taste
some nutmeg

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