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Here you will find top-class culinary delicacies from many regions that are exclusively for enjoyment (in the picture: warm apple strudel with beer ice cream, cherries and almonds).
As synonyms for culinary, we think of relishing, pleasure-loving, relishing, gourmet, indulgent, sensual, full of comfort and full of enjoyment; (elevated) lustful, sensual, sensual; simply delicious - enjoy it!

Desserts - Turkish Delights and Delicacies

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Turkish Delights and Delicacies

Names like Nest of Nightingale, Women's Navel and Lips of the Beautiful Darling show the Turkish passion for desserts. There is a more than rich variety of different sized pastahane (pastry shop), which seem to be bursting with as many gluey, sweet dishes as you could imagine.


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