Tinaztepe Cave on the way to Konya

You will find the Tinaztepe Cavern next to the road leading to Konya from Antalya about 22 kilometres before you reach the town Seydisehir. The road leading to the parking of the caveRead Moreis next to a petrol station, about 150 metres away from the main road.

The total length of the cave is 1.580 metres. Except the descent of about 30 metres at the entry of the cave, the entire cavern is nearly horizontal. Water flowing into the cavern has formed limestone formations throughout the centuries; water leaks in the ceiling and in the walls formed splendid travertine, stalactites and stalagmites. The huge area at the end of the cave was entirely developed by the main stream and embeds a lake. The lower sinkhole, accumulating the water of the cave, is morphologically a continuation of the Tinaztepe Cave. Water leaking through the cracks on the ceiling formed small lakes.

Especially in the spring, when the water level of the rivers and streams increases by melting snow and rain, waterfalls and pools are formed before the water reaches the lowest cave. According to recent studies the Tinaztepe Cavern was formed in a long period of 230 millions of years. At some points in the cave, the distance between floor and ceiling can be as high as 65 metres.

On the way to Konya this cave is nice stop over for a short sight seeing event.

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