Kemer - A beautiful but crowdet holiday resort

Kemer - A beautiful holiday resort

30 miles to the west of Antalya at the base of the Bey Mountains, which belong to the Olympos National Park, Kemer, one of the most beautiful holiday resorts with a beautiful harbor for sailing ships, is situated. Small and beautifully-decorated shops offer a wide variety of different goods.

North towards the yacht harbour, a picturesque promenade with lots of beautiful coffee shops and restaurants is being built. At Yörük Park, people can watch the living conditions of Yürük people travelling with their sheep and goat for doing their daily jobs. It is a lifelike exhibition of peoples work in the Taurus mountains, which is still being continued until today.

On both sides of Kemer, a lot of holiday accommodations are available with well equipped sports, leisure and entertainment facilities for everyone. Since a couple of years ago, Kemer has been famous as one of the places for a big event in car racing: The Rallye of Turkey, which is part of the WRC world championship in rallye sports with its famous drivers and cars, takes place in the Taurus Mountains at Kemer.

During the last years, Kemer was mostly visited by Russian tourists, which is, since the crisis between Russia and Turkey, a big problem for the local business.

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