Antalya Museum - Achaeology and Ethnography

Antalya Museum - Achaeology and Ethnography

Once visiting Antalya, please do not miss to visit to the archaeological museum of Antalya. It is located on the western outskirts, about 2 km from the center and was founded in 1919. If you are close to the old center called Kaleici, you may even use the old Nürnberg tram to get to museum.

The Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography Antalya was initially housed in the city center of Kaleici next to the fluted minaret mosque and was moved to the newly erected museum complex in 1972. Turkey's most important archaeological collections can be visited here. A huge amount of Hellenistic and Roman sculptures and recent grave finds can be seen here inside of the huge building as well as in the gardens. For resting in between a little, the Museum Cafe offers its specialties for every visitor.

In the extensive archaeological section the archaeological museum provides a great collection of artifacts of the great epochs from the past of Pamphylian time, passing the Neolithic and through the Bronze Age to the Hellenistic-Roman period.

The gallery of statues of gods are mostly from Perge, lot of underwater artifacts from sunkern cities, the gallery of the Roman Empire, a series of magnificent sarcophagi, mosaics of Seleukeia and the remarkable collection of coins with the hoard of coins of Probus, the silver treasure of Aspendos, once found in Finike in 1959, Byzantine gold treasure and the silver treasure of Side; additional to some icons from that period.



We should also mention, that there is a huge collection of ethnographic artifacts from the Turkish period, as there are weapons, garments, socks, jewelry, household items, books, tiles, glass, porcelain, locks, musical instruments and carpets.

Following the museum to the west to Kas and Fethiye, you just need a couple of  kilometers to reach the wide beaches of Konyaalti (fine gravel; motels, camping, restaurants), which are visited too much from locals in summer time, which ends at the recently applied marina of Antalya. If you still want to travel little more, please do not miss the revolving restaurant on the mountain peak high above the harbor, which offers a brilliant view on the city.

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