Hiking with Alaturka - from 2.06. - 07.06.2015 Omis

Hiking with Alaturka - from 2.06. - 07.06.2015 next to Omis

Meanwhile, after more than a year on the roads across the Balkans and in Turkey within our project "A journey of Intimacy and Culture along the Roman Roads", we are pleased to present a hiking tour package next to Omis in Croatia as part of our project work.

In cooperation with local families, this walking tours are designed to generate income for the local population so that the problem of momentary daily topic about "Migration" from the Balkans can be, at least, getting less problematic. Please read within our project. More events are planned, please use our event calendar for getting more information.

In the beautiful natural surroundings of Omis we were initially surprised about the many opportunities to hike through the untouched nature. Whether passing the Biokovo National Park, the adjoining mountains towards the border with Bosnia-Herzegowina or just next to the sea side, we have created a concept of hiking tours in small groups, which is, for the beginning, guided by us. Since this tour is being done with max. 10 people, we ask you for a short feedback, if you are interested in joining. Please find some describing articles right here:

The ancient Amphitheater of Salona

Boat tour on the Cetina River next to Omis

Descend from Starigrad - passing old stone houses

Hiking at Omis and Biokovo June 2016 - from 02/06/2016 to 07/06/2016

 Price of the trip all-inclusive tour is 345, - € / person when travelling with own camper

The price includes:

- Accommodation at Camp Galeb with electricity, internet, showers and toilets,

-All foods of the main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner +1 drink)

- For hiking lunch package and water

- Transfer to Starting points of hiking tours

- Guided walks and tours / alaturka + local guide

- All entrance fees (National Park)

Day 1: Arrival - Thursday, 02.06.2016

                           Arrival during the day

                           19.00 dinner at the restaurant / program for following days

 Day 2 Omis & Salona - Friday, 03.06.2016

                           Breakfast until 10.00 clock

                           10.30 City Walk Omis

                           Walking Tour of Omis - first impressions

                           12.30 Lunch

                           14.00 Ancient city of Salona

                           Porta Caesarea - a city gate of Salona

                           19.00 Dinner

Day 3 Starigrad & Imber Height - Saturday, 04.06.2016

                           until 9:00 Breakfast

                           9.30   Departure to starting point of hiking tour / lunch box

                           Hike to the medieval fortress of Starigrad

                           17.00 Return to campsite

                           19.00 Dinner

Day 4 High above Omis - Sunday, 05.06.2016

                           until 9:00 Breakfast

                          9.30   Departure to starting point of hiking tour / lunch box

                          Arrival in Omis and first exploration hike

                          17.00 Return to campsite

                          19.00 Dinner

Day 5 Sveti Jure and Biokovo - Monday 06/06/2016

                          until 9:00 Breakfast

                          9.30   Departure starting point of the walk / lunch box

                          Exploring for Sveti Jure on 1.762 Meters

                          17.00 Return to campsite

                          19.00 Dinner

Day 6 - Tuesday 07/06/2016

                           Leaving of campsite until 12.00 o'clock / there is option to stay longer

If you are interested in this hiking concept, we ask for a first feedback by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please accept, that detailed information and hiking maps can just be sent after the firm booking! For this, you will receive a separate booking PDF with additional information which you need to sent back to us after filling the inquired information. You will be informed about the next steps little later.

Changes can be necessary - correct always is the latest travel confirmation, which is then send to you by email!

There will be tour plans with more offers being published little later. Please check here as well.

Your team Alaturka


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