Oberschoenenfeld Abbey and meeting with KUKI in Augsburg

Oberschoenenfeld Abbey and meeting with KUKI in Augsburg

The following morning is similar to the previous one with a little research on the internet and a few phone calls to friends and acquaintances. Around noon, Georg will take us on another short tour of discovery,

and in the late afternoon we will meet with the board of directors of KUKI in Augsburg, which will be followed by a short stroll through town and a visit to a shopping center. So this day is well filled again.

Around noon we go together with Georg through scenic nature coming from Augsburg on the B 300 in the direction of Memmingen until we reach the junction "Abtei Oberschönenfeld". Exactly when Oberschönenfeld Abbey was founded has not been clearly documented to this day, as no documentary entries have been found so far.

Oberschönenfeld Abbey is well known in the region

oberschoenenfeld 6From the tradition of the house it is reported that around the year 1186 women gathered on the grounds of Oberhofen to lead a religious life in their future. Around 1211, the women who called themselves “Beguines” moved to Schönenfeld, about 2 kilometers to the north. The monastery, which was built later on this site, was first mentioned in a document on August 28, 1248 by Pope Innocent IV, in which the community of women was granted all the privileges that the Cistercian order had received from the Apostolic See.

Today a cosmopolitan monastery, the Oberschönenfeld Abbey is well known in the region not only for the religious days of reflection and the public non-religious events of concerts and celebrations, but also because of the natural history museum of the district of Augsburg, which is housed in part of the monastery. Of course, we also wanted to take a leisurely look at the abbey church, but this was not possible due to renovation work.

Giving the abbey an additional source of income

oberschoenenfeld 5Another highlight of the facility is the bakery, which is known far beyond the country's borders as "Oberschönenfeld wood-fired oven bread" for the sourdough bread baked there in the wood-fired oven. Baked goods have been made in the abbey for generations, which is why a second wood-burning oven was installed, so was the demand. A wood-burning oven from the Oberschönenfeld Abbey was first mentioned in a document in 1691. In 1981, part of a former cowshed was redesigned in such a way that a real bakery operation became possible, giving the abbey an additional source of income. Today, in addition to the sourdough wood-fired oven bread, the six-grain bread is a hit, which is usually only available if you order in advance. The spacious shop not only offers baked goods but also spreads and other specialties, of course from our own production.

At the end of our visit we visit the herb garden of the abbey. A large number of domestic and foreign garden herbs are planted here in a wonderfully manageable way, with display boards so that they can be viewed from all sides and, of course, photographed. The diversity alone shows the wide range that nature offers us. A great tip for a short trip. We will definitely stop by again when the renovations to the church are complete.

Further concerts followed in the Camlaralti College in Izmir

oberschoenenfeld 3But now it's high time for our appointment in Augsburg, because we naturally want to be on time, typically German. Our meeting point is a well-known old town pub in the center of Augsburg, which is of course still relatively empty in the early afternoon. A little later, Michael and Jürgen from KUKI Augsburg also arrive and so our “talking shop” begins. After a brief presentation of the KUKI Augsburg projects, "alaturka" first presented the project "Cultural Journey along Roman Roads" in detail and then briefly explained using examples of which events had already been organized or helped to shape. Here, of course, Georg immediately spoke up and reported in detail about his musical experience at the women's festival in Izmir, to which Georg's band "Backdoor Connection" had been invited for the first time through the Goethe Institute and the city of Izmir through the mediation of "alaturka". Further concerts followed in the Camlaralti College in Izmir and a legendary concert in the Karaman football stadium in Central Anatolia, to which the well-known Turkish rappers Serin and Kodes were also invited, who together with Backdoor Connection developed and rehearsed some songs via the Internet to the delight of the audience "performed" together. This is where the idea of ​​mutual cultural exchange came from, because the two rappers (along with many other bands and singers) would also like to show their skills in Germany, why not at one of the many concert dates together with Backdoor Connection or as part of the events organized by KUKI.

Shopping is the order of the day

backdoor connectionSince the organization of such activities naturally requires time and some "paperwork" - the Turkish musicians alone would need an official invitation to apply for a visa - a first appearance at the "Lechwood" or "Grenzenlos" festivals is being considered together take place in the summer of 2013. There is still time until these dates, but the next meetings with the KUKI board will be held shortly.

At the end of the day we walk a little through the city, shopping is the order of the day. In addition to all sorts of interesting small shops, including a very interesting second-hand shop, today we should go to the shopping temple of Augsburg. Ok, even this time you can survive as only a moderate "buyer" and quite a few of the items on offer were really interesting. Both in terms of price and product quality. Many things are now much cheaper in Germany than in Turkey.

Guided tours of Oberschönenfeld Abbey by arrangement.

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