Alexandroupolis - A Cycling trip & border crossing Turkey

Alexandroupolis - A Cycling trip and border crossing Turkey

We had already reported about our meeting with Suse and Axel on their way to New Zealand, which should now pass Turkey. Despite the current situation.

Of course, we had discussed details in the route selection, so also advised them to avoid Southeastern Anatolia. And of course, thanks to the Internet we are steadily in contact with each other, so Axels latest message was:

"Crossing the border at Alexandroupolis worked smoothly. Then we went to Erdek and then to Bursa, where we camped in the Uludag National Park for one night. This is definitely worth a visit and I can only recommend the place. There's even a campsite up there with showers and toilets (you can go up by car, we have "walked" for the cable car and decided to do other part on foot). Up to 3 nights you are allowed to camp for free, after they are charging....

Sorry, we have just a problem with the steering of the car and so we have been in Adapazari yesterday. But apparently we could not explain our problem to the mechanics (the steering wheel is not turning back by itself to the starting position after the bend is completed) or the one who has succeeded, did not have the needed parts. We think so, that we may go to Ankara to find the parts there as the chance is perhaps greater.

Otherwise, we are doing well, the Turkish hospitality is indescribable."

This so far as a first impression on the momentary situation and experience of Axel and Suse in the current situation in Turkey. The problem with the steering we could solve, thanks to our friend Devrim in Ankara who took care of Suse and Axel and accompanied them to the mechanic. But now lets turn to the report of Axel, who had taken a bike ride to Messembria from urban camping in Alexandroupolis before they went into Turkey:

  • I started at 07.30 (from municipal campsite Alexandroupolis, which I can highly recommend), there was almost no one using the main road. The Main Street is great for riding, there is a separate "breakdown lane" which you can use and the Greek drivers as I have experienced are very considerate.
  • shortly after passing entry to the motorway I turned left into the small village of Makri, which is a feast for the eyes | many small houses / shops with a pleasant market square
  • I went on Sunday and I noticed, that the inhabitants of the city have gathered early to have breakfast at the market place together and then leave for the churches that are on the way to Messembria.
  • the way from Makri to Messembria meanders as a small country road (still paved in an excellent way, no potholes) accompanied by countless olive groves, some nicely offering shade for riding.
    small ways interrupt all over again as access to the sea with beautiful beaches (deserted), so be sure to pack bathing suits for a short refreshment
  • In Messembria and surroundings there are several archaeological sites, so you can spend the whole day there (the costs vary between 0,- - -2, - Euro per person and archaeological site)
  • there are a few small climbing's, but riding them is very modest and well
  • In between there are two other small villages, which seem to burst after the church on Sunday,  a true social gathering (because you can really see Greek village life from first hand, I myself had two Ouzo with them)

Axel had also sent some pictures that we have collected in the appendix to a small gallery.
After repairing the vehicle of Suse and Axel in Ankara, the two lovingly name it "Frieda", the following two lines of Axel reached us:
"Devrim and his friend Sarah were invaluable. We are both grateful and hope we can someday make amends. Frieda runs like a clock work ...
My plan for tomorrow is riding the bike from Samsun to Ordu and report ... "

We will keep the contact to Suse and Axel on their way to New Zealand.

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