Mango curry soup with grilled prawns

Mango curry soup with grilled prawns

For the small appetite in between, mango curry soup is a fast-made, delicious pleasure that can also be extended to a full-fledged main menu of course.

So the supplement with the grilled shrimp mentioned in the title is certainly very tasty and filling, but not absolutely necessary, yet nevertheless easy to digest.

So if you like the touch of the Asian taste, which does not necessarily have to go with great spicy hotness, you will also be satisfied with the version without fish, at least as an intermediate meal. Now, let us work on the preparation and compilation.

We leave a little buttered lard in a frying pan, slowly adding the ingredients, onions, garlic, chilli, ginger, allspice (who likes it) and curry. Of course the ingredients should be fresh from the market, which is always good for the taste. If you love the roasted flavor, let the onions last a little longer until the glassiness has disappeared.

During the heating process some vegetable broth is first stirred, which we now need after the frying process to extinguish the ingredients mixture in the pan. We now add a bay leaf and the mango. We let this boil on low temperature, so the liquid reduces further.

Now add the coconut milk and simmer the already lovely smelling soup for about 15 minutes, then remove the allspice granules and the bay leaf. A soup stick or a mixer is now put into practice to mix and cut the last bigger pieces to get a creamy soup. Now we taste, add salt, pepper, a pinch of sugar and some lime juice on your personnel taste. Whoever does not have to pay attention to the calories, can also add a shot of cream.

Served on a deep plate, decorated with lemon balm, a slice of fresh bread to make a delicious intermediate meal.
As already mentioned, grilled prawns fit well with the mango curry soup, which can easily be extended to a main dish. We wish you a good appetite.

Ingredients for 2 - 4 persons
1 tbsp butter
1 mango freshly diced
1 onion diced
3 cloves of garlic
1 tbsp ginger ground, better freshly cut
2 tbsp curry powder
2 Chili finely chopped
500 ml vegetable broth
400 ml of coconut milk
3 allspice grains
1 bay leaf
Sugar brown
salt and pepper
lime juice

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