Modern way of animal and plant identification

Modern way of animal and plant identification

Every now and then, we meet with our friend Robert, who is always responsible for surprising activities in Vienna and Brunn am Gebirge, which should be of use to the general public, especially the youth, even if his activities are not immediately recognized.

He recently founded a facebook self-helping group "Nature - What? How? Where?", everyone can participate who is interested in nature. He was writing little ago:

The facebook group is a kind of service, which you can spread. I have brought it into life, so that anyone who sees an animal, a plant, a stone, .......  on a hike, in the garden, ...... which he / she does not know, can take a photo, post it and send to our page to get help. There are many positive feedbacks and I am particularly pleased to hear that many of them are now more attentive to nature and learn a lot about the local diversity.

Who hasn´t had the experience: When hiking through nature you find a beautiful flower or a conspicuous butterfly - and asking yourself  "What is it?". With the help of modern technology, especially by the Internet, it is now easy to find an answer:

Already several hundred participants have joined together to form of a "self-helping group" on facebook, where you can post photos of the unknown animals, plants, stones, ... which are then determined in the community. Experts from botany, entomology, mineralogy, etc. will be able to provide professional correct help. The group offers exchange of educational information - it is a place to enjoy nature together and share beautiful impressions.

Everyone can participate: facebook-group "Nature - What? How? Where?".

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