Routes to the South - also for long term stay (wintering)

Routes to the South - also for long term stay (wintering)

As part of our project work, we have visited different camper stops and campsites for you, which are open during the autumn, winter and spring months too and where next to the plots there also are attractive opportunities for recreation, especially walking and cycling routes.

Many of these routes we even have explored, some of them presented in, partly we publish local offers as guided hiking tours in the name of local organizations. Meanwhile, there is a first, safe and enjoyable route proposal coming from / passing Austria, Italy, via Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia to Greece / Cyprus and Turkey, with direct proposals for camping / for parking spaces in combination of offers to outdoor activities and sightseeing, so multi-day stops in traveling are optional.

Below you will find a list of already involved sites that have confirmed a year-round opening time and which are also available in the months of low season for available outdoor activities and leisure facilities. Please understand, that the offers during off-season in the camps are not as extensive as during times of high season. Electricity and fresh water is available everywhere, even for disposal is taken care of. At the camper stops often showers and toilets are available, however they do not always correspond to western European standards. In some places there are, in addition to the plots, small restaurants offering typical dishes and special offers in the region. So wine tours are offered in many places, for example, which in combination with walks allow longer stays.

For longer stay during the winter months, we have found places on the Greek Peloponnesus, on Cyprus and in Turkey that are both south enough to enjoy in the winter months camping as attractive options in the immediate area. Even some multi-day trips on the Peloponnesus and to Central Anatolia are being considered, we are happy to assist you in planning the route.

F.e. the location Water Planet is an example for a 5-star hotel (station 25), which is open all year for campers offering their facilities for being used by campers too, with indoor pool, sauna, hammam and other fitness and spa facilities in addition to its restaurants and for sure outdoor activities.

Route along Balkan Adriatic coast
(The rough Itineraries History passing the following cities, towns and attractions, details on the courses can be found at
Innsbruck - Lake Garda - Venice - Aquileia / Trieste - Karlobag - Omis / Split - Dubrovnik - Budva - Skoder - Tirana - Ohrid - Thessaloniki - Rapsani - Meteora - Peloponnese - alternatively Alexandroupolis - Izmir - Antalya - Bursa - Istanbul

Camperstopp und Camping Sites

Position Station Ort Land Kultur Aktivitäten  Karte Google maps
1 Camping Natterer See CP Innsbruck Österreich      
2 Camping Europa Torbole CP Gardasee Italien      
3 Camping Fusina CP Venedig Italien      
4 Staranzano CS Staranzano Italien Aquileia W, RWN, ROE, SE 45°48'23.0"N 13°29'22.2"E
5 Kamp Luna CP Karlobag Kroatien      
6 Kamp Galeb CP Omis Kroatien Salona W, RF, ROE, SE, AT 43°26'26.6"N 16°40'51.6"E
9 Hotel Baron CS Tirana Albanien Tirana W, RWN, ROE, SE, CT, WT 41°17'57.2"N 19°50'58.8"E
10 Camping Rino CP Struga Mazedonien Ohrid / Bitola W, RF, ROE, SE 41°09'17.8"N 20°39'03.6"E
12 Zampetas CS Thessaloniki Griechenland Thessaloniki RWN, ROE, SE, F 40°30'09.9"N 22°58'14.1"E
13 Rapsani Olympus Camperstopp CS Rapsani Griechenland Olymp  W, RF, SE, WT

39°53'58.3"N 22°36'49.5"E

14 Vrachos Camping Kastraki Kalambaka Griechenland Meteora CP, W, SE, AT, WT, SER 39°42'48.0"N 21°36'56.6"E
21 Dimotiko CP Alexandroupolis Griechenland Maroneia CT, RWN, ROE, SE 40°50'43.8"N 25°51'16.1"E
25 Waterplanet CS Okucalar Türkei Side / Antalya W, CT, RF, ROE,SE  36°38'51.5"N 31°40'46.8"E 
26 Alaturka Oba Alanya Türkei Alanya / Gazipasa CS, W, RF, ROE, SE, CT, SER 36°33'34.0"N 32°03'10.8"E

Please follow additional suggestions on which is continuously being expanded (there will be English version little later).
Stations: Camper Stop (CS) campsite (CP)
Shortcut: W = walking routes (marked), RF = Cycling, RWN = cycle network, ROE = Roman heritage, SE = sights,
CT = City Tour, F = ferry, WT = wine tours, AT = Archaeology Tourism
SER = Internet, fresh water & gray water, TE = Technical Services & Camping Equipment



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