GentleTent Vienna - innovative partner of our project work

GentleTent from Vienna - innovative partner of our project work

A first meeting with Gernot Rammer, CEO of the GentleTent company, had already taken place in Vienna during the summer, where the exchange of ideas and future visions was initially taking place.

In the approach convinced by the mutual perspectives, there should be deepening cooperation talks during the Caravan-Salon in Duesseldorf, where the B Turtle concept, a bicycle trailer with an inflatable tent, is to be presented for the first time.

At the end of 2012, Gernot Rammer and Jürgen Haller begun their idea of a simple tent. Embossed by tedious and strenuous camping holidays, they wanted to develop a tent that is different: easy to use, of high-quality and flexible. As long-term campers, Gernot Rammer and Jürgen Haller know the special requirements in the camping area from their own experience. The goal was, because of that, to construct a tent from the beginning, which is so simple to handle that each child can easily build up and handle it alone. This unique handling should be accompanied by a unique design. Six months later, the GentleTent team presented three prototypes at the leading international trade fair in Friedrichshafen.

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_allgemeines_sponsoren_gentletent-1.jpgOn February 16, 2014, the day of the "Lifting" and the official GentleTent "opening ceremony" were ready. The day on which a Gentletent product was for the first time without support by a metal  framework. In April 2015 the young start-up started with a crowdfunding campaign on Indigogo. With witty and unusual videos, they appeared on a larger scale in public for the first time. Numerous, partly international media reports confirmed what was to be noticed in individual customer contacts: People are interested in the special solutions of the young start-up.
At the same time, the goal was to expand the product range in 2015 in order to address new target groups.

In October the Welser Caravansalon was the first place of marketing of the HOME family and a first model of the AIR SOFA family was presented.

In the spring of 2016 GentleTent finally launched into the market with a big tour to German trade fairs. The main goal remains to make the brand and the individual products known. At the same time, new innovative solutions were developed in the camping segment.


Now world premiere during the Caravan-Salon Düsseldorf:

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_allgemeines_firmen_gentletent-pick-up.jpgThe world's first fully inflatable living / sleeping cabin for the pick up is available now! The world premiere will take place at the Caravan Salon 2018 in Düsseldorf! Come and be surprised! From now to pre-order, available from December 2018!


GentleTents are rodless camping tents, awnings and furniture. Easy setup and dismantling. Connect the air pump and you're done.


Revolutionary design
The GentleTent technology allows a completely new shaping. New design, new room concepts, new functions.

Perfect room climate
A bad tent can be seen in the bad room climate. GentleTents breathe in any weather. Perfect room climate. That makes the difference.

Sustainable production
We are committed: GentleTents come from Europe. Sustainable production, short distances and fair working conditions. That makes us different.

Durable and robust
GentleTent products are extremely robust and designed for many years of use. Permanently breathable, high UV resistance, extremely water and wind stable.

The car extension
Almost all GentleTents can be connected to vehicles. New solutions for mobile homes, caravans, VANS, cars or motorbikes.

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