Stand of DCC - introducing on Balkans

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Stand of DCC - introducing across the Balkans

The purpose of each fair is the presentation of novelties in their industry, but the exchange of information from the participating exhibitors during the trade fairs too, especially when it should reach the traveler and their targets.

From this point of view, the Caravan-Salon Düsseldorf offers the best opportunities for the exchange and information of all visitors interested in camping.

A first talk with a DCC employee in the starter hall 18 had led us to a visit to the DCC, the most famous German Camping Club (DCC), the largest specialist association for caravan, motor caravan and tent tourism in Germany. A membership in the German Camping-Club means much more than the individual requirements such as bonus cards, club magazines and info materials at first glance. The members of the club have a variety of other options, the aim of which is to exchange information on all aspects of camping. In short, the members should always have the opportunity to take all the options in an active camping community.

In Germany, the DCC even has its own camp sites, where everyone can spend their holidays. Membership in the DCC is a family membership, so savings are also valid for the whole family. On the Balkan there are no of these offers - not yet! But who knows what is going to happen.

This was the first discussion on the "new" camping destinations of Albania and Macedonia, but also Romania and Bulgaria, whose presence has hardly appeared in many camper guide books so far, sometimes the relatively young destinations as a country, as in the case of Albania, are even missing completely, as we have learned in many conversations. The local operators regret this circumstance very much and thus the request has often been expressed that we should also take care of the entry into the relevant camper guide books during the project work. What we would like to do in the interest of  the campers.

In the course of our talks at the DCC stand, we were lucky, because the President of the DCC, Dipl. Ing. Andreas Jörn, was present, so we were able to present our project work in detail, especially we talked about the places in Macedonia, Albania, Serbia and Romania, by means of the flyers brought along. Of course, there was initially a certain skepticism, but also clear that in the area of the Balkan there really is a need to catch up in the presentation in the camper guide books. We were able to reach an understanding that, together with the camper site management, we would now be able to enact their registration, so that as soon as possible campers' destinations in the Balkans could be included, not only at the coasts of Croatia. Of course, we will keep the contact.

In detail, we could also present the as a camper concept, which allows every camper to follow the individual stations, which are about every 250 kilometers apart from each other, not only offer safe, year-round open campsites, but also many cultural attractions as well as numerous local activities in the area of ​​hiking and cycling on site. In real subtlety, ideas have been implemented here, which are appealing to every nature lover, whether it is a hike in Valbona Valley, a trip around Lake Ohrid by bike or exploring the ancient site of Stobi together with the archaeologists, which is presented in the offered guided tours too.
Each camper has the possibility, however, to follow the numbered places completely independent, in order then to add own concepts as well as the wintering in the south. We would be happy to give you further tips and hints.

In the further course of the discussion, the topic of the partwise guided camper travels, which we presented for the first time at the CMT in Stuttgart and then carried out in May, was a theme,  in particular the partwise-guided tour through Albania and Macedonia. The offers for October and November 2017 are shown here, as long as you are interested, please follow the links:

Camper-Kulturreise Albanien - Mazedonien - Griechenland

Camper-Kulturreise durch Albanien und Nord-Griechenland

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