And another innovative novelty - a tiny compact kitchen

And another innovative novelty - a tiny compact kitchen

For self-builders and users of camper vans, especially for the off-road and 4x4 users always a topic is the lack of space and related with that planning and the subsequent implementation of a kitchen into the vehicle.

If the small interior space is to be used to mount a kitchenette or is perhaps the comfortable bed or seat more important? A question that often leads to "lazy" compromises, a mix of all use and furnishing components is not always the right way. As the solution at the meeting of the roof tent roof nomads show again and again.

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_roemer_strassen_kuechenzeile-1.jpgOne possible solution we have now noticed at the event in Stadtoldendorf, which is as comfortable as it is practical, which allows the shifting of the kitchen and dishwasher completely outside, even in 5 different stages of development. But more about that little later. Last but not least, moving to sleep on the roof is an important step already when a relatively small vehicle is being used and you still want to travel relatively independently.

Of course, this also applies to the kitchen, which brings us back to Sascha and Hannes. So we were very pleasantly surprised when we met on a compact "box solution" of a compact kitchen at the booth of the two, which started just to see the construction. Impressed by the compactness and the quick setup time, the very good design of the frame and the components and their practicality, we were surprised. We gladly received information about the basic idea, the first prototypes as well as the 5 size solutions now produced in series.

Even for many years, Camper Sascha and Hannes tell us of their career, which ended with the purchase of a camping trailer during a fair, which was then travel companion for some time. Even a caravan was used interim, but was not the right solution for the two for their desire for independence and off-road options in self-sufficient travel. Slowly there were first ideas, which consisted of box solutions, whereby the two developers again and again came to the borders of the compact kitchen solution. Sometimes it was the table construction that hindered flexibility, and then again, individual components were perceived as disturbing.

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_roemer_strassen_kuechenzeile-2.jpgSlowly, the first concept crystallized as a portable or mobile camping and outdoor kitchen, which has a unique and later patented folding system that is easy to transport. The folding system alone seemed so practicable to us during the presentation, that we decided on an article for the product: simply always and everywhere applicable. The picture gallery at the end of the text impressively shows the simple and quick construction of the kitchen, whose frame can be adapted to even uneven terrain.

We would like to introduce the young and innovative team of Sascha and Hannes, who are constantly tinkering and developing to be able to offer further products and further developments. All of their products are handmade and processed with only high-quality, even outdoor-suitable materials. Perhaps also an idea for your open questions when thinking about the assembly of a kitchen.

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