Paragliding in Turkey. It is always fun!

Paragliding in Turkey. It is fun!

Paragliding sport is to take off by means of running from a high hill instead of plane with a parachute similar to free style jumping parachute on the first look. Parachute, which is lied on a inclined and high hill, is filled with air with the running of pilot and take off with pilot.

Periods of the flights can continue for kilometers / hours in connection with experience of the pilot and performance of the materials used. Although it can be for single person, there is two persons (tandem) wings.

Paragliding , whose first trial had been made on 1940s, had been numerously modified till today, and lots of structural improvements which increase the flight period and security, had been performed. First paragliding was similar to free style diving parachute. It had turned into an aerophyl structure which has high raising power instead of its pressure enduring characteristic with changing in time. Paragliding parachute wing structure had reached to its appropriate shape for easy to take off, slowly descending ratio and good flying performance, beginning from 1980s.Paragliding Sport in our country had been recognized with the discover by foreign pilots of Mount Baba in Fethiye, Oludeniz (Blue Lagoon) region at the beginning of 1990s, and actively started in university clubs initially. Being the most economical aerial vessel and being inside the natural sports, maintained it to be performed by a massive number of people today. ParaglidingParachute Sport, which does not require a special skill or much effort basically, is very easy and enjoying to do after a standard training. Paragliding training are organized by THK, university clubs and private clubs.

Some of the Flight Zones

Ölüdeniz - Babadağ

Location: Mount Baba, which is on the province territory of Fethiye of Mugla city, is 7 km inside from the coastal line. It rises just after the Oludeniz (Blue Lagoon) beach and faces just towards to south. You can reach to take off runway via a 45 minutes from Oludeniz stabilize but nearly smooth road.
Flight Season: Secure flights can be performed between April and October.

Regional Characteristics: Oludeniz, which is the first place where paragliding is performed in Turkey, has a world - wide fame. Its unique nature, sun and sea is enchanting thousands of national and foreign tourists every year, and has a structure appropriate for all kinds of outdoor activity. There is no transportation, accommodation and nutrition problems within the developed touristic center, region. Yacht tours are also drawing attention in the area. Mount Baba is preferred as trekking and camping area during summer and winter.

Take Off Runways: There are a total of three runways in Mount Baba. 1700 meters high south runway is appropriate for take off. 1800 meters high north runway is a little bit small and upright. Take off area of the 1900 meters high north peek runway is very comfortable. As 1700 meters high runway is taking the south wind just from the opposite side during the most part of the day, generally take off is made from here. Approximately 20 wings can be lied on very wide runway at the same time.

Landing Runway: Belcekiz beach at the coast of Oludeniz, is a long and very comfortable and secure landing runway with its width.

Meteorological Characteristics: During summer season, weather is stable. Sometimes during morning hours a north wind comes and take off is made from north runways into the valley. South runway faces a south wind, between 5 - 20 km. during most of the day hours.

Things that should be considered: Especially during the beginning and end of the season, climate change months weather can change rapidly and cloud can cover the take off area. On south runway, during the period till to the midday west wind coming from the west end of the mount, can create a false south wind and mislead.

Denizli - Pamukkale

Location: Pamukkale is at the feet of Mount Cokelen which is 21 km away from Denizli. As it is a touristik region all kinds of transportation is available to the region.

Flight Season: Flight can be made during all seasons with its warm climate.

Regional advantages: An ancient settlement region, Pamukkale is one of the most important tourism centers of our country where thousands of tourists are coming every year with its ancient ruins and travertine formed with the settlement of lime water.

There are two hills for take off:

Training Hill
Meteorological Characteristics: After sun rise, wind which can be sensed at south - west direction had blows mild till to the noon hours. Wind which increases its speed during noon hours slides to the west and nearly fully stops during sun set.

Take Off Runway: As 70 m high hill is low it is preferred for amateur flights. Due to the warm impacts of the underground waters in all of the region wind changes sensed within the region is not sensed here. By means of regular winds secure flights can be made during all of the year.

Landing Runway: Flights from the slope is ended at the plains of the region. Landing points are very secure due to not holding a handicap.

Things that should be considered: Though turbulence formed with the speeding up wind during the noon hours of the months when summer hot is lived most densely should be considered.

Dynamite Warehouse
Meteorological Characteristics: Hill, which is reign by western winds is especially appropriate for flight during morning hours. Strong thermal formations which begin around noon are maintaining long flights for experienced pilots.

Take Off Runway: Flight runway, which took its name from a former dynamite warehouse at the peek is 300 meters high. Slope which has a wide area for take off of two parachutes together easily, is at a point from where you can see all beauties of Pamukkale.

Landing Runway: Although you can land to the area at the end of flight track, you can also land securely to the helicopter runway at the entrance of travertine.

Things that should be considered: Turbulence formed during noon hours of summer months require maximum control and consideration during flights. You can face with turbulence at the end of take off runway during hard winds. Cross blowing wind causes asymmetrical close at parachute just after take off. Also ending of hill with high slope requires a very quick run for a successful take off.

Ankara - Gölbaşı

Location: Transportation to Golbasi region, which is 27 km. away from Ankara city center can be easily maintained from city center.

Regional Characteristics: Due to closeness to Ankara it is possible to benefit from all activities and possibilities within the city. It is the region where aerial clubs of universities in Ankara are training Paragliding . Golbasi, is also a promenade place which draw attention of Ankara residents who want get away from city life goes for weekends.

Take Off Runway: Training hill which faces to a wide plain is very appropriate for hillside parachute training due its appropriate altitude and facing wind from all aspects.

Bolu - Abant

Location: Abant Mountains, is 34 km. south of the Bolu city center. Asphalt 25 km. long Abant Lake road can be used for reaching. Road transport to Bolu, which is on the Ankara - Istanbul highway passing is very easy. For reaching Abant Lake minibuses departing from city center can be used.

Regional Characteristics: Dense rain forests surrounded Bolu city is appropriate for all kinds of tourism activity. Abant Lake, whose environment has a rich plant cover, is drawing attention as a picnic and resort place during summers and an appropriate place for winter sports during winter. Abant Lake surrounding accommodation and nutrition possibilities can be benefited.

Take Off Runway: Abant Mountains have more than one take off runways appropriate for hillside parachute. Generally it is performed on the hills surrounding Orencik Plateau, near to Abant Lake, wide, plain and fully covered with grass.

Isparta - Eğirdir

Location: There are road and railroad transportation in Egirdir, which is 60 km. away from Isparta. Local bus firms of Isparta are passing from Egirdir.

Regional Characteristics: Egirdir which is appropriate for lots of tourism activities with Egirdir lake and island, has very appropriate hills for paragliding parachute. Suleyman Demirel University Aerial Club is performing training flights on these hills.


Location: Ali Mountain on the territories of city of Kayseri, is 15 min. Away from city center. It can be driven up carefully. Or when you get off the bus at Ali Mountain plate with getting on to a bus, you can reach to the hill within 45 minutes by foot.

Regional Characteristics: World wide famous Cappadocia present, Kayseri is welcoming to thousands of tourists each year. Kayseri is serving possibilities to the other sportive tourism types such as skiing and cycling besides paragliding with its appropriate geography. Civil Aviation VIHE, is organizing training flights to Mount Ali.

Take Off Runway: It has an altitude difference of 600 to 750, and there are two take off runways of which one is appropriate to south winds and other one is north. Steep and smooth inclination of the hill is appropriate for hours of paragliding, but you should be careful in weathers with turbulence.

Landing Runways: There are easily landing areas in front of the hill.

Eskişehir - Inönü

There are facilities of Turkish Aviation Organization within Inonu Province which is 15 km west of Eskisehir. North facing slopes of the province, are establishing very appropriate flight conditions with especially north winds during summer months. Courses organized by Turkish Aviation Organization are performed here.

Antalya - Aksu

Hill in Aksu province of Antalya is used as training hill by Akdeniz University, Avaiation Club. When you turn Perge ruins from Aksu turn of Antalya - Alanya road, and go for a 10 - 15 km. without entering Perge 40 - 50 m. high training hill is reached. Irrigation channel should be considered during flight.

Antalya - Kaş

Kaş is an almost perfect location for paragliding, which can be done any time between the months of April and October. The hills behind Kaş are uniquely suited for paragliding because of their size and location and the resultant updrafts which make paragliding challenging and so much fun.

Antalya - Alanya

Good wind conditions and fantastic views and proximity to the sea, make Alanya one of the safest scenic places to fly in the world. After 15 minutes driving to the summit of Taurus Mountains, you can have an opportunity to fly single or tandem, do paragliding and land softly on famous Cleopatra Beach.

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