“cultura” meaning “processing, care, agriculture”

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The term culture comes from the Latin "cultura" meaning "processing, care, agriculture" and, in the broadest sense, describes everything that humans create themselves, in contrast to nature that they have not created or changed. Cultural achievements are all formative transformations of a given material, as in technology or the fine arts, but also intellectual structures such as languages, morals, religion, law, economics and science.

Opening Ceremony of the Youth Center in Sanliurfa

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The Opening of Karakoyunlu Youth Center

During our visit in Sanliurfa, governorship press advisor, Gökhan Özen invited us to the opening ceremony of the Youth Center. We were proud of being invited to this important opening of the center that was formed with aiming to organize education, culture, art and sport activities for the rising generation and children.

Summerschool - Seminars to support international tourism

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Izmir Turism Summerschool

When we were faced with a request to include links in internet pages and following an interesting short article on tourism we have met Themis, a Greek who was fairly critical of his countryman. We have met him at the "Tourism Summer School" Izmir seminar.

Language Classes at Turkish Schools

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Sprachschulen in der Türkei

The traveller to Turkey will meet a colourful mixture of different languages at most public places like bazaars and markets when discussing and haggle over the goods on offer.

Students of Boeselager-School from Ahrweiler in Izmir

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Students of Boeselager-Realschule in Ahrweiler are in Izmir

We have been in touch with Mr. Burkhard Bender who is employed in Philipp-Freiherr-von-Boeselager-Realschule high school in Ahrweiler. He has been organizing student visits mutually with İzmir Private Çamlaraltı College for 10 years. 


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