Aegean Region

Aegean Region is located in the west part of Turkey, surrounded by Aegean Sea on the west, Marmara Region on the north, Mediterranean Region on the south and Central Anatolia Region on the east. Turkey's Aegean coast is beautiful, historic and agriculturally rich. While the archeologists can explore the remains of a 5000-year old ancient civilization, the Nature lovers and photographers can have their full satisfaction in the form of picturesque surroundings and lovely landscapes.

Bodrum-Milas Airport - Gate to Turkish Aegean

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Flughafen Bodrum

Bodrum Airport (IATA: BJV, ICAO: LTFE) is an international airport that serves Bodrum. İn the winter times there mostly is no international service for Bodrum. The airport has just got one concrete-surface runway that is 3,000 meters long and 45 meters wide.

Dalaman Airport - much more then a provincial airport

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Flughafen Dalaman

Dalaman Airport is an international airport and one of three serving airports to the south-west of Turkey, the others being Milas-Bodrum Airport and Antalya Airport. It serves the towns of Dalaman and Marmaris. It is mainly used by foreign holidaymakers from the United Kingdom and Germany.

Yalıkavak - Textile Market and Fisherboat Idyll

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Yalıkavak - Textile Market and Fisherboat Idyll

It is 18 kilometres away from the city of Bodrum and the road passes through a green forest. The port of Yalikavak lies on the northwestern part of the peninsula and in earlier times was a fishing and sponge-divers' village. Once over the hills, the magnificient view opens where nature has carved the coast like lacework.

Fethiye - Mountains and Bays - Ölüdeniz Airfest

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Fethiye - Mountains and Bays - Ölüdeniz Airfest

Fethiye is situated in a magical spot next to a wonderful bay, which is strewn with many islands. It has an excellent and busy marina, together with many lovingly restored houses and bazaars. The ancient name of the town is Telmessos and it was founded by the Knights of Rhodes.

Discovering Ölüdeniz and Its Surroundings

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Discovering Ölüdeniz and Its Surroundings

Ölüdeniz is a bona fide paradise that is located in Muğla province of South West Turkey. This relatively small tourist resort borders the Aegean Sea and features mountainous terrain inland.

Dalyan - Lake of Köycegiz and Caunos

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Dalyan - Lake of Köycegiz and Caunos

At the eastern shore of the river-like connection between the delta of Dalyan and the lake of Köyceğiz you will find a small town called Dalyan. Just across the waterway you can already see the famous king tombs and little more to the back the ruins of the ancient town of Caunos.

Kayaköy - a former Greek Village empty since 1923

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Kayaköy • a former Greek Village

The village Kayaköy, former Karmilassos, stretches along a softly dropping slope. Over looked by two churches it controls the wide, fertile level. Idyllic, so it seems from the distance. If you approach next to the settlement, you notice empty window cases. Because of missing roofs the houses change into ruins.

Caunos Ancient City and Kings Tombs

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Caunos Ancient City

The ancient city of Caunos and the famed Kings Tombs of Caunos are opposite Dalyan, within the borders of the region of Köycegiz. On one side of the Dalyan channel is Köycegiz and on the other side is Ortaca.

Datça - pretty, quiet harbor at the Aegean

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Datça - pretty, quiet haven

Datça is a pretty, quiet harbor where the Aegean and the Mediterrenean Seas meet. It is about 70 kilometres to the west of Marmaris on the south of the Datça Peninsula. The small town is lapped on one side by the waters of the Aegean Sea and on the other side by the Mediterrenean.

Muğla - amazing chimneys awaiting you

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The town of Mugla

The centre of Muğla is situated on a plain surrounded by mountains stretching from the foot of the Asar Mountain (Castle). Some of the most famous and impressive tourist centres are within the boundaries of the region of Muğla.

Gümüşlük - beautiful Bay and Rabbit Island

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This sleepy and outstanding hamlet nestles in a very beautiful bay and is one of the oldest settlements on the peninsula od Bodrum. The original Lelegian city of Myndos once stood southeast of here. There are also some ruins around the village. The ancient city of Myndos partly lies under the water and if you know how to dive, you can visit the remains.

Myndos Gate to Halicarnassos today Bodrum

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Myndos Gate Bodrum

There is hardly any place around Bodrum (formerly called Halicarnassus) in which you will not find at least the foundations of a temple or the remnants of an ancient settlement. If you look at lot of the known names of Greek scientists, artists and scientists, you need to learn, that lot of them lived in today's Turkey.

A short Bodrum History - formerly called Halicarnassus

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Bodrum History

Bodrum, ancient Halicarnassus, is famous mainly due to the Mausoleum once located there, a tomb, the Persian satrap of Caria King Mausolus II. erected during his lifetime. The huge mausoleum was considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Together with Sponge Divers in Bodrum / Turkey

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Schwammtaucher von Bodrum

Turkey is the most important producer of bathing sponges. In May, the men of the villages around Bodrum set sail on their narrow boats along the western coast for five months to look for sponges.

Bodrum - The Archaeological Underwater Museum

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The Underwater Archaeological Museum

Bodrum Museum is the biggest and most important archaeological underwater museum in the world and the only one in Turkey. A great majority of the relics on show consist of those raised during underwater excavations and those brought to the museum by sponge divers, now on display in the museum located in Bodrum Castle.

White Sail I Dream of - Rolling over the Sea

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White Sail I Dream of

Those at peace with the blue will have a smile on their faces innocent of reason when they are at sea side, no matter what their existing angst is. You may call this smile whatever you like. A greeting, an indication of relief, madness...say, is it not good to be a bit mad? Now, think of a boat with white attire.

Marmaris Backpacking Tour - Different Options

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Marmaris Backpacking Tour

1. Tour: Into the gardens of Bayır Mountain Village

This very enjoyable walking tour will start at the magnificent waterfall of the Turgut River. An easy forest path will lead us through untouched nature and lead us to a legendary mountain panorama.The road that once linked the coasts is now covered with orchids and countless local plants.

Göcek • A Marina Village next to Fethiye

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Göcek - Fethiye

Göcek is a small village about 30 kilometers away from Fethiye and first of all a place used for yacht tourism and sailors. There are just few people coming to Göcek as normal holiday people because there are no nice beaches insıde of the town borders.

Marmaris - magnificent bay of Incekum

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Marmaris - Magnificent bays

The city of Marmaris is located on a bay, with sea as smooth as glass, which forms the meeting point of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. It has a very well equipped natural harbour, one of the largest in Turkey, surrounded by pine-clad hills.

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