Turkish Riviera with Antalya, Alanya, Side and Cleopatra

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The Turkish Riviera is the southern coastal strip of Turkey and one of the most popular summer holiday destinations. The region is particularly popular among all-inclusive vacationers. Between sun, sea and beach, the region between Antalya and Alanya also has numerous ancient sights and natural spectacles to offer.

While the Turkish Riviera is flat and has long sandy beaches, the Aegean coast is characterized by mountainous landscapes and romantic bays.

The city of Antalya also has a beautiful old town to offer - this is called Kaleiçi. The clock tower is located on the edge of the old town, which is why we started our exploration tour from there. Near the clock tower is another attraction, the Yivli Minare - a mosque, which the locals often refer to as the city's landmark. The best views of this impressive structure are from nearby Republic Square. Other sights in the city include Hadrian's Gate, the marina and the Archaeological Museum.

If you are looking for peace and relaxation, Belek is ideal for it, it is also wonderful to hike in the pine forests around Belek. If you want to experience something more than Side has a lot more to offer.

Antalya, on the other hand, is known for its historical and cultural wealth, its magnificent beaches and its luxurious resorts.

Alanya is the epitome of a relaxed and carefree tourist attraction. The choice between Side and Alanya ultimately depends on your personal preferences. If you are interested in history and archaeology, Side might be a better choice. On the other hand, if you prefer a livelier holiday with beautiful beaches, Alanya might suit you better.

In Side, which is characterized by tourism, there are numerous restaurants and cafés as well as many colourful shops and souvenir shops that invite you to stroll around. In particular, the pretty old town and its ancient ruins, along with the picturesque beaches, are among the city's best-known and most popular sights.

Tahtali Cablecar to Mountain Top - Kemer

Tahtali Cable Way - Kemer

Southern Turkey is on one hand shaped by the sea, its landscapes and culture, and on the other by the outstanding services and activities it has to offer. With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, it is undoubtedly an attractive holiday destination for guests from Europe the whole year round.

The ancient town of Perge next to Antalya

The ancient town of Perge

Visiting Perge you can get a good impression of what a Roman towns looked like with its theatres, stadium, agora, baths, streets and town gates, as large parts of the town have been excavated and are still being restored.

Aspendos ancient roman Theatre - Antalya

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Aspendos - Antalya

The Theatre of Aspendos was built during the second century AD and is one of the best preserved ancient theatres in the world. It offers seating for up to 20.000 visitors and is well known because of its marvellous acoustics. 

Kalkan - Harbor and City Walk along the Street Cafe´s


Kalkan is thought to be the small issue of Kaş, however, the more exquisite one. In several patios the former fishing village drops to the sea. Restaurants form nice groups around the small harbor, about that white washed villas cuddle up surrounded by small houses closely to the slopes.

Kaputas Beach next to Kalkan

Kaputas Beach next to Kalkan

Kaputas really is a beautiful and unspoilt spot next to Kalkan and when we have discovered Kaputas Beach we had no idea that this is already a famous place. But how couldn't it be different with the water that always has a brilliant turquoise-blue colour?

Kekova and Sunken City - a boat trip along the city

Kekova and Sunken City

Mysteries of the Ancient World appear inside this Triangle. Kekova is a Mediterranean island near Demre district of Antalya province which faces the villages of Kaleköy (ancient Simena) and Üçağız (ancient Theimiussa). No one lives on the island.

Saint Nicholas of Myra - a Christian Character in Demre

Saint Nicholas of Myra

Each year between 4th and 6th December, the village of Demre (whose historic name is Myra), well known usually for the quality and the taste of their delicious tomatoes and oranges, faces an invasion of scientists and amateur historians. Then a very special event takes place: The world-famous Santa Claus Symposium.

Patara - Important ancient habour town of Lycia

Patara - Ancient habour of lycian people

Patara is situated on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey (also called The Turquoise coast or the "Lycian Coast"). A region boasting thousands of years of history, breathtaking scenery and couple of miles of unspoiled coastline. 2000 years ago Patara was the largest and the most important sea port of the Lycian civilization.

Patara Beach - relaxing after visiting the Patara ruins

Patara Beach

Once arriving at the village of Patara, following the road leading to the beach you will be quite surprised: no 5 star holiday hotels, no accommodation at the beach, no restaurants – just pure beach. More then 16 kilometers long and part wise 400 meters wide the sandy beach stretches along the sea side.

Saklıkent Canyon - an adventure of climbing & hiking

Saklıkent Canyon

Once you are traveling from Patara to Fethiye, you should try tro visit the imposing canyon of Saklikent at the foot of the Lykian Taurus Mountain. It will take about an hour  from Xanthos in using the side road by car, but lot of signs will easily lead you to the canyon.

Üçağız and Theimiussa in Kekova Region

Üçağız and Theimiussa in Kekova Region

A Lycia Story in the Country of Lights. A friendly fishing town with a natural harbor which is a good shelter for boats, islands situated randomly in the front, remnants in water and on land that are struggling to shed light on its history, a lovely tiny bay and its pensions which are mixtures of wood and stone.

Tahtalı – Third and final leg of paragliding contest

Tahtalı – Third and final leg of paragliding contest

We went back home for a short while, uploaded the latest on XC paragliding competition Turkey second phase to Alaturka website and hit the road on Thursday night. The next target of XC paragliding competition Turkey was Tekirova near Kemer in Antalya region.

Phaselis Antalya - ancient harbour town

Phaselis - ancient harbour town

Phaselis, next to Kemer, is at the eastern end of a historic region known as Lycia, an independent Greek confederation of cities originating in the 8th century BC, reaching its high point in the 4th century BC and then becoming a Roman province in the 1st century BC.

Fire of Chimera - Flames apear from inside of earth

Fire of Chimera

Most well known all over the world is the ancient place next to Kemer called Chimera which origins from Latin language meaning "Burning Stone", a natural phenomenon since a couple of thousands of years: From below the rocks of a mountain, flames occur on the surface in different places, the ever lasting "Fire of Chimera".

Tortoise Fan Club Antalya

A Beetle Club in Antalya

Last produced in 2003, Beetles are without doubt most liked cars in the world. First appeared in the streets in 1938, mass production of the round shaped beetle began after the end of world war one.

Canyoning as well called Schluchteln

Canyoning as well called Schluchteln

Canyoying is a new and exciting outdoor activity. By Canyoning (also called Schluchteln or Schluchting) you can understand committing a gulch from above to down (in the early time of the sport canyonings from below upwards) in the most different variations.

4 Wheel Drive - Off-Road Adventure of Antalya

Off-Road Adventure of Antalya

The desire for recognition and conquering nature is what attracts humanity to nature for centuries. Movement is the essence of life and in this geography, the desire to challenge nature with the custom-made 4x4 off-road vehicles is increasing day by day.


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