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Our visit to the Archaeological Museum of Antalya

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Archaeological Museum of Antalya

With our arrival at the Museum of Antalya we have been awaited from the museum stuff to be adviced into suitable location in front of Museum. After a short organisation of table and chairs, some flyers about the project soon first visitors appear next to the caravan. Some were really interested in the project, other, just to be honest, more in the caravan.

Travelling Europe in a Caravan

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Travelling Europe in a Caravan

Our journey of culture and intimacy along the Roman roads, started by receiving a caravan from our sponsor for livable conditions during the trip. Fendt-Caravan company introduced the latest models at an event in Germany’s Rain town and the delivery ceremony was conducted. The first step of our intimacy journey along the Roman roads was Vienna. For the interview with Mrs. Mohapp and Dr. Krikil about the project, we had to stay two nights in a town called Hutteldorf. We did not experience any difficulty in finding the travel and camping site, only wasted a little time while searching  the camping site entrance because of the darkness.

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