The Best Performances of the Festival: Hans Söllner and Bayaman'Sissdem

The Best Performances of the Festiva

Grenzenlos Festival keeps on at full steam in Germany’s city of Ausburg. We were together with a band that formed by the combination of two terms. The mask dance, which is performed for solving crisis, is called Kinyago in Africa. The double bell, which is used in South African music, is called Agogo. The band Kinyagogô brings different side-drum movements together with us.

It’s time for Festival! Augsburg Grenzenlos Festival Rock the City..

Augsburg Grenzenlos Festival Rock the City

After our Vienna trip, in order to meet our caravan sponsor and make some modifications to the caravan, we passed in the town of Mertingen in Germany. In the afternoon, we arrived in the Fendt-Caravan manufacturing and servicing area and after delivering the caravan to the service, we went to lunch. When all the works had been done, our destination was Grenzenlos Festival in Augsburg.

Fazıl Say and Gezi Concert at the Stage of Volkstheater in Vienna

Stage of Volkstheater in Vienna

Before passing to Germany, we would like to visit Vienna because of Detlef’s communication with Susanne Baertele. Our anticipation was to participate in the panel discussion, which was going to be organized early on the Gezi Concert. The location was the famous public theater of Vienna and the performers were Fazıl Say and the piano duo Ferzan & Ferhan Önder. Susanne Baertele, who welcomed us gracefully at the theater entrance, works as the public relations and press manager at the theater.

The Historical Beauty of Macedonia’s Ancient City of Stobi

Beauty of Macedonia’s Ancient City of Stobi

One of the most beautiful experiences of passing Macedonia by vehicle was the visit of Stobi Ancient City near the highway. Goce Pavlovski, who is an archeologist of excavation staff and a representative of the National Institution Stobi, welcomed us at the entrance of the ancient city that we arrived in the afternoon.

The Return Path to Vienna with Caravan

The Return Path to Vienna with Caravan

The exchange students from the Osnabrück city of Germany and the students of the Private Antalya College had a project on “Germans in Antalya and Alanya”. After a discussion and forum program on this subject, Detlef made a successful presentation of the project and mentioned why and how the ruins should be protected.

A Weekend on Lesbos Island, Mytilene

A Weekend on the Lesbos Island, Mytilene

Mytilene – the Lesbos Island is the place where a poet and an author were born since the Ancient Greek civilization and with its cultural inheritance, natural beauties and vivacious lifestyle, it is still an inspiring island to the poets and authors. The island presents the natural and historic beauties together and it is an ideal choice for the weekend destination with its traditional Greek villages and awarded turquoise beaches.

Town of Ancient Empire and Bishopric: Bamberg

Town of Ancient Empire and Bishopric: Bamberg

For months, we were intending to visit Bamberg, one of the most beautiful towns of Germany. It is the town of  ancient empires and bishopric that is accepted as one of the most beautiful towns belongs to Medieval-Baroque period of Germany and it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage in 1993.

The Most Aristocratic of Europe: Vienna

The Most Aristocratic of Europe: Vienna

We were in Vienna, where is the capital of Europe and the native land of Austria. Our time was limited and we had interviews. Even so, we took a walk in the city and stopped by at the Schönbrunn Palace after our first interview.

Homeland of Talented Hands: Menemen

Homeland of Talented Hands: Menemen

For the 60th anniversary celebration of Goethe-Institut Izmir and project presentation, we were in Izmir, The Pearl of Aegean. The idea of spending the weekend at the Pottery Factory in Menemen, took place due to the president of the Menemen Potters Association Ertan Saruhan. We spent our Saturday with Master Taner and Mehmet in one of the oldest pottery factories of Menemen.

Our visit to the Archaeological Museum of Antalya

Archaeological Museum of Antalya

With our arrival at the Museum of Antalya we have been awaited from the museum stuff to be adviced into suitable location in front of Museum. After a short organisation of table and chairs, some flyers about the project soon first visitors appear next to the caravan. Some were really interested in the project, other, just to be honest, more in the caravan.

Travelling Europe in a Caravan

Travelling Europe in a Caravan

Our journey of culture and intimacy along the Roman roads, started by receiving a caravan from our sponsor for livable conditions during the trip. Fendt-Caravan company introduced the latest models at an event in Germany’s Rain town and the delivery ceremony was conducted. The first step of our intimacy journey along the Roman roads was Vienna. For the interview with Mrs. Mohapp and Dr. Krikil about the project, we had to stay two nights in a town called Hutteldorf. We did not experience any difficulty in finding the travel and camping site, only wasted a little time while searching  the camping site entrance because of the darkness.

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