Austria is a central European landlocked country with around 8.8 million inhabitants. The country is bordered by the Bohemian massif and the Thaya in the north, the Karawanken and the Styrian hill country in the south, the Pannonian lowlands in the east and the Rhine and Lake Constance in the west. More than 62 percent of its territory is made up of alpine high mountains.

Vienna’s Dynasty Glory Lives with Schönbrunn Palace

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Schönbrunn Palace

Vienna is a city that has become the settlement location of the Habsburg Dynasty for centuries. It is one of the most visited and must-see cities among the Europe routes. Vienna is not only the capital of Austria, but also the capital of art that has hosted to Habsburg Dynasty for centuries.

History Travel in the Capital of Art: Vienna

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History Travel in the Capital of Art: Vienna

Austria’s capital, Vienna is famous for its cultural events, magnificent imperial palaces, coffeehouses, classical music and its charm that dazzles the visitors. Located in today’s city center of Vienna, the Romans constructed a military camp called Vindobona in B.C. 1st century and this gave a start to the history of Vienna.

Go-Outside - visting Hannes and Sascha in Lungötz

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Go-Outside - visting Hannes and Sascha in Lungötz

We met Hannes and Sascha for the first time at the roof tent nomads meeting in Stadtoldendorf, had watched the two explaining their kitchen furniture with growing enthusiasm, so practical and handy the construction of their variously designed box kitchens looks, not at least to start the conversation with them.

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