Station 36 - Camperstop in Stobi - Archeological site

Station 36 - Camperstop in Stobi - Archeological site

For some years, close contacts have been made with the archaeological site of Stobi in Macedonia, and thus with the group of archaeologists and conservators and their extensive work in the ancient ruined city of Stobi with its impressive basilicas, outstanding mosaics and impressive theater.

Camperstop in Stobi - Archaeological Site Stobi

Located directly on the Belgrade - Skopje - Thessaloniki motorway, the vast excavation grounds provide an interesting overview of the various ancient eras, with really well-preserved mosaics. A small cafe and toilet facilities are available directly at the open-air museum, so that the night in Stobi on the parking lot with the necessary basic equipment such as fresh water and toilet facilities can be offered.

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_camper-route_stobi-camperstopp-2.JPGStobi was later conquered by the Macedonians due to its location at the mouth of the Erigon River into the Vadar and its location on a main route connecting the central Danube with the Aegean coast. It then came together with Macedonia in the 2nd century BC. under the rule of the Romans. The ruins of Stobi today are probably the most important ancient remains in the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. The huge excavation site is located just north of the Macedonian A1 motorway, also known as Autoput Bratstvo i jedinstvo, south of the village of Gradsko. The excavation site and the restored buildings are today a truly interesting open-air museum of archeology.

Plan your visit to the ancient metropolis of Stobi for a relaxing break in your journey south.

What to see and do in Stobi:

The ruins of Stobi - Excavations in Macedonia
Stobi - Archaeologists host during the campers cultural trip

The coordinates lead directly to google maps: 41 ° 33'01.9 "N 21 ° 58'29.1" E - 41.550539, 21.974759

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Archaeological Site Stobi
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